Purchase Hops


7 Hollows Hop Farm sells hops several ways:

Pick Your Own: Save money by harvesting and picking your own hops. When the hops are ready, we will call you to come and hand pick them from the bines at our farm. Great team building and group activity!

*By The Pound: We will pick your hops mechanically for you to pick up. Mechanical picking is the only way we can fulfill large orders in a timely fashion. 

Grow Contracts: 7 Hollows can produce fresh hops for your brewery under contract. Hop farming contracts are for 5 years and guarantee you get fresh hops at harvest time. We will produce any hop varietal for our customers that grows well in Virginia.

* Orders are picked up at the farm at the time of harvest. Since the hops are fresh they need to be used within 48 hours.